Friday, July 15, 2005


i am in toronto right now. my friend lives up here so i had to come and see if i could meet darren. I live in los angeles but ever since i started reading about darren and him making the sequel to my favorite movie ever i had to meet him and maybe get in his pants. cause look at him you know. my friend new where he was staying and i saw him but i didnt have the nerve to talk to him. maybe i will next time i see him.

Darrens Cat

i saw darren and his cat today outside his hotel. i dont know if the cat should be that size maybe it has a glad problem. Darrens to sexy to have a cat that fat. he needs to get a more manly sexy animal maybe a big dog.

Darren Bousman

Damn he looks this good and he can direct. L.A. most eligable man i think so.

Isnt Darren great.

Has everyone seen the saw 2 teaser. Oh my god i soiled myself. i wouldnt mind a little lovin with that sexy genius Darren Bousman.